sipgate Takes on Skype

Over-the-top VoIP continues to gain traction with a new provider emerging this week. sipgate Inc. has plans to take on Skype and POTS with its new Web-based service.

The new service, which the company says “has the ability to replace most of the nation’s 100 million landlines,” is called sipgate one. It operates via a broadband connection and is compatible with standard analog phones, mobile phones or VoIP phones.

When using a VoIP phone, calls to other sipgate users are completely free (like Skype), as is receiving calls (unlike Skype, sipgate points out).

The Web-based interface allows users to call someone back with a single click, divert calls to other landline or mobile phones, and browse the inbox and outbox for a complete history of voice mail messages, calls, recordings and faxes.

Other features include:

  • The ability to record any phone conversation by pressing *6
  • MP3-customizable voice mail
  • Simultaneous ring across multiple devices
  • Visual voice mail

“There is simply no barrier to people disconnecting their old phone lines anymore,” said Thilo Salmon, CEO of sipgate. “Phone and cable companies have long been pushing voice plans in the region of $25 to $40 per month – which end up being as much as $60 or more with extra charges – and that’s just ridiculous. Even with calls to other landlines and mobile phones, most users will spend less than $5 a month using sipgate one. And for those people only receiving incoming calls on their VoIP phone, the service is completely free.”

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