Higher Throughput, QoS Added to Broadband Bonding Solution

Mushroom Networks Inc. announced Monday the second generation of the TRUFFLE Broadband Bonding device.

TRUFFLE bonds as many as five high-speed Internet connections of any type (DSL, cable, T1, DS3, fiber, wireless) into a single Internet connection. The second generation version incorporates enhanced flow-based quality-of-service (QoS), traffic prioritization and application filtering, dual unit automatic failover, 1 gigabit Ethernet ports and higher maximum throughput rates of more than 300mbps.

TRUFFLE installs between the broadband modems and the local network at the customer’s premises without requiring any configuration changes to the existing network or coordination with the ISP.

It allows customers to mix services from multiple broadband providers for redundancy. If one or more of the links in the bonded pipe fail or is degraded, the traffic is transparently spread across the remaining links. The new dual-unit configuration enables hot-swap failover to the standby unit (active/passive availability). Bypass port failover during unforeseen power outages ensures high-nines network reliability.

In addition, it can improve uplink speeds for VPN traffic by aggregating download and upload capacity by putting TRUFFLES at the headquarters and branch offices.

The new QoS algorithms and application filtering prioritizes and manages traffic improving inbound real-time traffic latency metrics for applications such as voice, streaming and video conferencing.

“Now through enhanced QoS measures for real-time traffic prioritization and the ability to keep networks running including the bonded VPN sessions, even during catastrophic circumstances such as a cut line or power outage, our products are replacements for Internet services such as leased line or MPLS and can be even deployed in conjunction with those legacy systems to improve performance during a gradual migration,” said Dr. Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks.

The TRUFFLE (BBNA5201G) is now shipping and comes standard with stateful firewall, port-forwarding, static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DMZ, UPnP, Dynamic DNS and supports bonding of any type of traffic including VPN.

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