Fewer Than 150K Palm Pre Units Available? Seriously?!

Considering the fact it’s perhaps – no, wait – certainly, the most hyped gadget release of the year, why will there only be 150,000 Palm Pres available for sale June 6? At least that’s what a Collins Stewart analyst is saying. He says the Hong Kong-based manufacturer isn’t able to produce the smartphone in mass quantities.

This follows up news in recent weeks that fewer than 400,000 would be ready to sell on the 6th, which now is not only D-Day, but “Pre-Day.” And that number was considered to be a shortfall. That means places like Best Buy and Radio Shack may have even fewer than the paltry sum they were expected to get.

Just for some historical comparison, Apple sold 270,000 iPhones during the first two days of its initial release nearly two years ago.

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