Copper Conferencing Launches Agent Portal

Copper Conferencing has announced the launch of Copper Link, a Web-enabled portal that provides a gateway for agents to access reports, submit online orders, customize marketing materials and launch e-marketing campaigns.

Master agents and their subagents access Copper Link through Connect To Copper, a secure Web portal. The reporting tool displays up-to-date information on existing customer revenue, and allows master agents to analyze customer performance, project commissions, and assess risks and opportunities.

“Copper Conferencing’s channel partners are an integral and important part of our business. Copper Link is a powerful tool designed to connect agents to Copper and to their prospects and customers,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Copper Conferencing. “Conferencing represents a powerful way for agents to earn incremental income from their base of existing customers who are buying a range of telecommunications services.”

Copper Link’s marketing engine also helps agents take advantage of electronic marketing for lead generation and revenue opportunities. In minutes, an e-marketing campaign can be created, offering a customized e-mail and landing page combination where prospects sign up and are set up to begin using Copper’s Web and audio conferencing services, the company explained. Agents are notified immediately via e-mail when prospects have responded to the offer.

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