AT&T Pushes Mobile Presence in Advance of Palm Pre

With a potential Battle Royale building in the coming weeks between the Palm Pre and the newest version of the iPhone, AT&T ’s newsroom is emphasizing its position in the mobile industry.

The phone giant issued a press release today touting its lead over the competition in smartphones and integrated devices. According to what the company calls “independent market research,” twice as many smartphone users have chosen AT&T over any other U.S. carrier. Interestingly enough, the iPhone – by far the biggest-selling mobile device AT&T sells – is not mentioned even once in the press release.

The company says you can soon expect to see a new ad campaign that highlights AT&T’s mobile history and future.

As for when that aforementioned Battle Royale will begin, still no official word on a release date for the Pre, but we may know next week. But I guess you could argue the battle has already started.

The iPhone update is expected later this summer.

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