AT&T Office Fridge Sickens, Frightens, Terrorizes

There were Hazmat suits. Firefighters. Evacuations. Hospitalizations.

Was this an outbreak of Ebola? No, just AT&T Inc.’s office refrigerator.

Seven people were taken to the hospital Wednesday and 21 took ill after office workers at the carrier’s San Jose, Calif., building attempted to clean out a refrigerator overstuffed with old, moldy, past-the-expiration date food. It would turn out to be a very dangerous attempt indeed.

The fridge’s contents were especially rancid because the fridge was unplugged, and the combination of the food and the disinfectant caused a stench so bad that firefighters were called and the office evacuated.

So next time your office manager asks you to take your lunch accoutrements home every Friday, go ahead and indulge him or her.

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