Sales Advisor Aids Distributed Sales Forces

To combat the growing problem of communication between distributed sales forces, Sales Advisor is rolling out the Sales Advisor Virtual Program to provide sales executives a structured forum for educating and networking with their sales staffs.

Sales Advisor offers featured experts for monthly sales meetings, a networking room for salespeople and a series of sales management workshops.

Each company customizes the program by selecting from a list of sales training modules. Sales Advisor provides the topic experts for each module and the software platform for company meetings. Sales teams acquire and refine the skills they need to remain competitive through workshops covering everything from effective presentation, negotiation and closing techniques to the use of the hottest online technologies such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

In addition, customers are entitled to one hour of additional consultation with a Sales Advisor sales expert, who will provide feedback and coaching to the sales staff, every month.

Customers also can participate with sales executives from other companies in three management workshops over a six-month period. The workshops are lead by experts in various areas of sales management. Since participation is online, attendees can be anonymous. Management-level networking workshops cover all aspects of effective sales management including leadership skills, goal and priority setting, time management, coaching, counseling skills, compensation and more.

Sales Advisor also offers a secure, private company networking room to discuss various sales and marketing issues.

A six-month program runs $7,500 for 20 sales representatives. This includes six virtual sales meetings with your topic expert, unlimited access to a sales expert via e-mail, one-hour coaching session per month, company networking room, and three management workshops. The one-year program for 20 sales reps adds six additional virtual sales meetings and is $13,500. Additional telephone coaching is available on a five-hour per month block of time for $800.

“Through this unique program, both management and salespeople can leverage the knowledge of experts on specific sales issues,” said Jonathan London, co-founder of Sales Advisor. “And being online, there are no travel and entertainment costs. It is ideally suited for small to midsized, geographically-distributed sales teams.”

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