Nortel and Hell: What They Have in Common

What if everyone viewed Nortel Networks Corp. (NT) through the lens of Greek mythology? The once-iconic company now stands as the epitome of hubris-driven corporate destruction and one blogger blames Nortel head Mike Zafirovski – aka “Psychopompus” – for that needless downfall.

“Mercury (Hermes), the winged messenger of the great gods, was the patron deity of merchants, rogues and thieves,” writes Martyn Warwick in his wonderfully titled posting, adding, “In another incarnation, as Psychopompus, he escorted the souls of the dead to Hades. I’ll leave you to decide whether comparisons between ancient Greek myth and present day corporate Canada might have any validity.”

The correlation comes one day after Nortel announced its first-quarter earnings and Zafirovski tried – quite weakly, we must say – to pump up the troops’ morale. But is there even any left? Or has it all gone to hell?

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