Palm Pre Silliness: Another Release Date Rumor

Despite talk about keeping everything hush-hush, does anyone think Palm or Sprint might be intentionally leaking the rumors about when the new Palm Pre is to be released, in order to keep everyone talking about it? Or to keep so much speculation floating around that no one will know until the new smartphone is almost on store shelves?

One of the latest is this: a supposedly official document given to Engadget that calls May 16 the “required delivery date” for the Palm Pre handset launch. After originally being published on April 13, the news has re-emerged on various sites speculating that the release date is just days away. Does the “required delivery date” mean Pres could become available on May 17? The 17th is a Sunday, which falls in line with Sprint’s history of launching new products on Sundays.

June 7 has been the date with the most backing in the telecom rumor community in the past week to 10 days. A Palm Pre release within the next week would surely mean official confirmation is coming soon. The enthusiasm has been at a fever pitch, despite some analysts’ predictions that the product is doomed to fail.

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