MSPAlliance Names First Certified Managed Services Pros

The MSPAlliance announced Monday the first group of individuals to pass the Certified Managed Services Professional (CMSP) exam. Fifteen individuals who sat for the CMSP exam on April 30, 2009, have passed the written test and have met the educational and work experience criteria required to become a Certified Managed Services Professional. These include

  • Sam Ruggeri, Advanced Vision Technology Group
  • Chris Locke and Bill Ramsey, The Bill Guy Technology Solutions
  • Stephen LaPha, Dytech Group
  • Jeff Harnack, EnTelegent Solutions
  • Brian Miller, Fusiontek
  • Trevor Henke, High Touch
  • Ted Charron, Infinity Business Systems
  • Quincy Minor, Information Transport Solutions Inc
  • Mike Backers, Ordovician
  • Scott West, TAD Accounting
  • Richard Cook, Tele-Dynamics Systems
  • David Vernon, Vernon Systems
  • Dan Wilson, Waypoint Solutions Group

“These 15 individuals are the first in a long line of individuals who will become true leaders of a campaign to make the managed services into a true profession,” said Charles Weaver, president of MSPAlliance. “The Certified Managed Services Professional exam is a high standard and one that will ultimately help to differentiate those who are serious about managed services.”

The CMSP exam includes a written test as well as a minimum IT education or relevant work experience requirement. Individuals must also demonstrate sufficient knowledge of a wide variety of managed services business and technical information, including the Managed Service Provider’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

“As the owner of a managed services firm the CMSP designation will help differentiate me from both competitors and colleagues,” said Dan Wilson, president of Waypoint Solutions Group. “The CMSP exam, along with the Managed Services Accreditation Program, is a very comprehensive set of standards that is the first and best attempt to self- regulate our industry.”

The MSPAlliance is a global professional association and accrediting body for the managed services industry with more than 8,000 members worldwide.

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