Genachowski Wont Get FCC Confirmation Hearing May 12

You’ve got to hand it to Julius Genachowski – the man has probably developed reservoirs of patience since being nominated as the new FCC chairman.

Genachowski has been waiting since early March for his Senate confirmation hearing, and probably got his hopes up quite high yesterday when he learned that the hearing finally was scheduled for May 12.

But wait.

That timeline changed today when the Senate Commerce Committee abruptly canceled the hearing, telling various news outlets the event was being postponed “until just after the Memorial Day recess.” Committee members provided no other details.

Speculation has it, though, that Democrats are pressuring Republicans to submit their nominees for the vacant Republican seats at the FCC. Now that President Obama has chosen Mignon Clyburn to fill Jonathan Adelstein’s seat, the Republicans need to get cracking on filling their two vacancies. Protocol in Washington has it that Republican and Democratic nominees often are confirmed at the same time so they can operate with a full complement of officials and start working at the same time.

However, the Republicans have yet to submit their nominees and that probably explains the delay.

All the more time for Genachowski to keep working on those reservoirs of patience. He’s going to need them for his new job.


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