Twitter Is Not, Repeat NOT for Sale. Sheesh.

Facebook! Google! Apple! Microsoft! They all want Twitter, or should want Twitter, say the rumor-mongers, but you know what? Twitter’s not for sale.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said it before when the Goog was supposedly in talks with the micro-blogging site, and he said it again Wednesday on The View: Twitter wants to remain an independent company.

“No. We are not for sale,” he told Barbara Walters.

The wires were alive this week with tales of an impending $700 million merger to create MacinTwit. Then industry people began to speculate that actually, Microsoft would be a much better partner for Twitter, and that the match-up would be better than a Microsoft-Yahoo! union.

Call it the AppTwit v. MicroTweetSoft.

But Twitter’s not for sale, Stone says. So there.

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