Brekeke PBX Interoperates with Sangoma Gateway

Brekeke Software Inc. and Sangoma Technologies Corp. announced this week the completion of successful interoperability tests between the companies’ product lines. Brekeke PBX and Sangoma’s NetBorder Express Gateway are both based on the SIP communication protocol for voice over IP.

This successful validation of interoperability, which included comprehensive functionality and stability tests, ensures that users of the Brekeke PBX software can now select Sangoma’s NetBorder Express Gateway as a gateway device to create a cost-effective IP telephony communication system.

“The combination of Sangoma’s NetBorder Express Gateway and Brekeke PBX provides a very cost-effective yet robust and reliable platform,” said Shin Yamade, President and CEO of Brekeke Software. “By utilizing the ARS failover feature of Brekeke PBX and Sangoma’s telephony gateway card, customers would not lose access to analog phone lines even if their other outgoing routes have failed.”

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