Palm Pre at Best Buy June 7?

The Palm Pre rumor mill continues apace with the latest being a report that Best Buy will offer the Pre on a trial basis beginning June 7.

In this case it’s the Boy Genius Report striking again, saying it has received unconfirmed information detailing plans for 4,500 units to be sent to Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide. As expected, the Pre will sell for $199.99 for new customers and a two-year contract, it noted.

The information, if true, will amount to an artificially constricted supply, which may have the effect of generating a “have to have” buzz, or it just might end up making customers angry.

The source also told the blog that the Pre will cost $999.99 if bought outright, which would seem to go against iSuppli’s assessment that the phone’s materials cost is around $300. Even if one adds in “soft” costs like marketing and R&D recoup, that’s still a pretty large mark-up. But one that would certainly lead to more contracts for exclusive carrier Sprint-Nextel Corp..

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