Endeavor Adds Rapid Install Service

Professional services outsourcer Endeavor Telecom announced Monday its rapid installation service whereby qualified customers can use Endeavor to respond quickly to high volume end-users with an urgent need to change over to a new service or quickly deploy a new technology. Through this premium service, Endeavor’s third-party logistics, field service and operations support can be engaged to deploy hundreds of sites in a matter of a couple of days.

In a typical rapid deployment situation, Endeavor’s logistics team will receive bulk shipments of CPE, stage and configure the CPE, and ship directly to the end user in less than 24 hours. The service provisioning team schedules and dispatches the technician resources necessary in a shortened timeline based on the required project completion cut-off date. Finally, Endeavor’s service delivery team performs acceptance testing to validate the success of each install.

The rapid installation service is particularly suited for wireless access deployments or where new wireline connectivity is not required as there is no delay associated with circuit delivery. For projects where the end-user is converting to fixed wireless the turnaround can be even faster, as routers can be received, staged, configured and shipped as well having a dispatch scheduled within 24 hours.

“Being able to deploy a brand-new network or multisite solution from zero to several hundred per day virtually overnight creates an enormous competitive advantage for our customers. There is something indisputably compelling in being able to sit across from the table of an end-user and state, ‘Sign today and we’ll have you completely up-and-running by the end of the week,'” said Endeavor CEO Justin McLain. “In an industry where competition is fierce, every advantage we can give our customers is a benefit to both them and us. I like being in the business of giving our partners an unfair competitive advantage; it creates the need for companies to partner with Endeavor and helps eliminate the ones that do not.”

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