Canada Should Save Nortel, Not GM, Says Former Exec

In a scathing editorial for the Ottawa Citizen over the weekend, former Nortel Broadband president J.A. Craig says Canada needs to step up and help Nortel, a “Canadian entity.”

Craig’s biggest beef is with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who’s mentioned taking an equity stake in GM Canada, a division of the flailing U.S. auto giant. “What say you, Dalton – what about some equality here?” writes Craig.

The former exec says Nortel still “has a leading edge portfolio.” He blames executive management for “incompetence” and says R&D teams in Ottawa are delivering world class technology. He believes GM’s fall is also to be blamed on poor management, so all being the same, a boost to what was once one of his nation’s greatest companies is more appropriate, says Craig.

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