Palm Pre Move Over: AT&T to Get Palm Eos

Move over Palm Pre, here comes something leaner. Well, slimmer, anyway. The scuttle is that Palm Inc. will be launching the Palm Eos smartphone, a second device based on the much-vaunted new webOS mobile operating system, on the AT&T Inc. network. And it’s skinny and awesome and stuff like that.

Well, more specifically, the quad-band GSM-based 3G phone is reportedly a mere 10.6 mm wide and 2.1 by 4.3 inches in length and breadth. It will carry a pre-rebate price of $349. And it has a camera, GPS, Bluetooth and video capture.

The unconfirmed news came earlier in the week via TechCrunch that Palm was working on a second Pre-ish handset to arrive as early as this fall. Variously dubbed the Mini-Pre, Palm Pixie or Castle, tales of the device have subsequently been swirling. Now, Engadget says it’s obtained a spec list that leaves no question that, if it’s authentic, the new Palm device will be for AT&T, meant to be the successor for the Palm Centro, and touting the above-named features.

The AT&T news is no doubt disappointing for Sprint-Nextel Corp., exclusive carrier of the highly anticipated Palm Pre and who was no doubt banking on leveraging webOS as a differentiator and retention device.

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