Pre Palm Pre Is Sprints Biggest Web Ad Push Ever

And you thought those Sprint TV ads with Dan Hesse seemed larger than life.

Sprint says in this period leading up to the release of the Palm Pre, it’s launching its biggest Web advertising campaign ever.

If you use Yahoo! as your search engine of choice, you may have already noticed Sprint’s presence there. Advertising Age reports you’ll soon see Sprint ads on some of the Internet’s most popular homepages, from ESPN to YouTube.

The carrier wants the public to believe in its network’s reliability, so when the Palm Pre is finally announced with great fanfare (rumors abound as to when that might happen), people won’t hesitate to pick up the new smartphone.

Many of the new ads are customized for the site where they appear. For example, the Sprint ad on the Yahoo! site features an odometer-like image that tells you how many people are surfing the Web at any given instant.

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