IPtimize Teams With Level 3 to Expand Network Services

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: LVLT) today announced it has established a reseller agreement with IPtimize, Inc. to expand their network service offering to local cable operators. The agreement enables IPtimize to offer wholesale voice, data and Internet services in rural communities targeted for broadband access.

IPtimize will access the Level 3 network at transmission sites along the 42,000 route miles that span North America. Access to the Level 3 network outside major metropolitan markets enables IPtimize to offer an expanded portfolio of network services to local cable operators.

“Rural access to the Level 3 network opens new opportunities for IPtimize to bridge the gap between local cable companies and nationwide communications networks,” said Mitch Garlock, vice president of global sales for IPtimize. “The Level 3 network offers an advantage in breaking down barriers to broadband access and improving competition, particularly in un-served or underserved communities.”

Level 3 and IPtimize offer an alternative for local cable operators who often face steep costs to connect to nationwide networks. Network access outside major metropolitan markets increases routing options by offering more efficient and cost- effective delivery of communications traffic.

“Together, Level 3 and IPtimize can deliver high-quality communications services to customers in more remote locations,” said Andrew Crouch, president of Level 3’s Wholesale Markets Group. “Greater cooperation is changing the game in terms of improved access and competition in rural markets – a key priority to expand broadband nationwide.”

Level 3’s extended on-net capabilities offer an option to cable operators, wireless companies and local carriers as they consider their broadband access solutions for government financing under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which includes the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and other federal financing programs.

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