AT&T Execs Hit With CWA Protests at Annual Meeting

AT&T Inc. (T) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) are headed into the third month of negotiations with nary a strike in sight, despite multiple threats of one. Still, union workers are making sure executives know what’s on their minds.

Hundreds of CWA members gathered in Dallas and Los Angeles last Friday as AT&T held its 25th annual shareholders meeting in Texas. Union workers were there to protest AT&T’s proposed changes to its union health care plan and retiree benefits as well as attempts to outsource more jobs.

Meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board has come out in support of CWA members, faulting AT&T for refusing to bargain in good faith.

“To get the NLRB to rule in your favor is a big thing,” Bill Henderson, president of the CWA Local 1298, told the New Haven Independent. “It’s huge.”

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