Obama Close to Getting BlackBerry Back

President Obama is about to get the love of his life back. No, Michelle and the kids didn’t go anywhere. We’re talking about his BlackBerry.

OK, he hasn’t been totally without the device he’s admitted to being “addicted” to. He’s been using two devices since having to hand over his BlackBerry to the NSA for some serious security checks. One is a standard BlackBerry. The other is a secured handset known as the Sectera Edge. But the two devices have to be connected in order to simply operate, let alone keep the president’s communications secure. And reading the display is not so easy.

The NSA is double- and triple-checking the SecurVoice software in Obama’s BlackBerry 8830, which is the standard business handset. The new software encrypts messages, as well as calls. Yes, cell phone calls are already encrypted, but superior hackers can sometimes get around those. SecurVoice is supposed to take care of that issue.

Those close to the president expect the BlackBerry 8830 will be back in his hands sometime in the next couple of months.

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