Nortel Has a Future, Insider Writes

Not everyone is down on Nortel, so maybe you shouldn’t write off the bankrupt Canadian telecommunications giant just yet. That’s the opinion of David H. Burton, on his blog “Random Musings.”

Burton says he has worked directly with some of the Nortel’s developers, and writes, “… they believe in this company and the products they are producing. These guys aren’t just drinking the koolaid, they’re serving it. The passion with which they speak of the work they’re doing, the drive and the excitement,….it’s more than encouraging. And these developers are more than competent. I have a lot of respect for the work they do and for their ability to deliver.”

Burton cites Nortel’s web.alive project as an example of something “visionary” that the company has taken on in the past year. He also believes the drive to cut costs and reduce fuels will increase telepresence opportunities, for which the blogger says Nortel is “ahead of the game.”

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