AOTMP: Enterprise Wireless Apps Up 50 Percent

The latest research from AOTMP indicates that enterprises today are managing more wireless devices, wireless users and wireless applications than ever before. The organization found that on average, enterprises are supporting 4.2 wireless applications, up 50 percent from one year ago.

Research supporting AOTMP’s new report, “A New Agenda for Wireless Mobility Management,” indicates expense reduction and improving service-to-cost performance are the primary objectives for enterprise wireless mobility management programs. Other objectives include gaining visibility into usage patterns and improving internal customer support.

“Our most current research indicates that over the past 12 months, the distribution of cell phones has decreased by 9 percent, while the distribution of smart phones has increased by 6 percent,” said Timothy Colwell, AOTMP vice president of knowledge operations. “Coupled with a 50 percent increase in the quantity of unique applications deployed over the same period, enterprises are driven to establish wireless mobility management programs to meet their service and cost targets.”


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