New RIM Touchscreens Learn from BlackBerry Storm

Well, there was no confirmation of the rumored “Storm 2”, but Research In Motion Ltd. co-CEO Mike Lazaridis did say this week that the company plans to learn from the flaws in its first-generation touchscreen device when it comes to new products.

The BlackBerry Storm, RIM’s first and only touchscreen handset, launched last fall to great fanfare and iPhone-killing hopes, only to suffer the fate of many first-try devices: bugs. Lots of them. Freezing, crashing, annoying, want-to-take-it-back bugs.

Lazaridis admitted to Laptop magazine that the Storm had its flaws. But, he added, “That’s our first touch product, and you know nobody gets it perfect out the door. You know other companies were having problems with their first releases.”

The lessons of the Storm experience will soon be applied to new touchscreen smartphones, he implied. He didn’t specify or confirm form factors, but a new version of the Storm with Wi-Fi is rumored to be in the works, as well as a BlackBerry with both a physical and a touchscreen keyboard.


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