Acer to Team With Verizon on Netbooks?

Earlier this week, Acer (2353.TW) CEO Gianfranco Lanci alluded that the company’s Netbooks might be shopping the 3G Verizon Wireless network. Acer Netbooks are already being offered through AT&T (ATT), but Acer is working with other U.S. wireless operators on further deals. Although Acer execs did not formally announce a deal with Verizon Wireless, the outlook for the two to team is favorable based on Verizon’s recent announcement that it would soon offer a subsidized Netbook.

Additionally, although Acer plans to tap Google Android for its smartphone product, execs relayed they believed the operating system is not sophisticated enough to support the Netbooks. Lanci said the current OS, Windows XP, works well and provides the type of Internet-browsing experience the Netbook user is looking for.

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