KeaneTel Rolls Out National Local Business

KeaneTel just last week released its National Local Business Line Service, which is a national resale of POTS lines, offering a buy rate pricing structure, no hidden charges and two different national local product offerings.

The buy rate pricing structure allows the sales partner to set the selling price at any level they want and keep 100 percent of that markup.

Additionally, KeaneTel said there are no hidden fees or surcharges. Customers pay for lines, usage, features, PICC, EUCL and LNP. There are “no made up charges that make a bill appear lower but nets out higher than the LEC as some resale local offers do,” said KeaneTel Senior Partner Pete Keane in a letter to partners.

The national local offering comes in two iterations. Partners and customers can choose the KeaneTel National Business Line Basic service with a la carte features, or opt for the KeaneTel National Business Line Plus Service, which includes any and all features needed at no additional cost.

Furthermore, since the service is part of the KeaneTel Enterprise services suite, the company offers consolidated billing across all states. Additionally, all KeaneTel Enterprise Services (local, long-distance, DIA, MPLS, PL) can include the KeaneTel TEM solution for detailed contract management, pricing validation, general ledger data entry and robust reporting. Depending on the customer size, this might even be a free value-added service for that customer.

Current KeaneTel sales partners can begin selling the National Local Business Line Service immediately.

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