AT&T, Verizon Complaints Lead to FBI Raid on Texas Colo

Apparently, if AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) complain just enough about unpaid VoIP interconnection fees, the FBI steps in.

That’s what happened last Thursday in Dallas, although the details only became public today. The FBI has raided the Telx colocation facility in Texas, where Premier Voice and Lone Star Power operated and, AT&T and Verizon say, bilked the two Bells out of millions of dollars’ worth of VoIP connectivity fees.

To be fair, the FBI was following a dubious paper trail that included dummy corporations, post office-box addresses and bogus phone numbers, according to reports. And, Premier Voice is the subject of a number of complaints in online forums.

However, dozens of companies unrelated to the investigation say they’re getting unfair treatment. The FBI allegedly took valuable equipment that is leaving those businesses without revenue streams and has interrupted their customers’ services.

VoIP interconnection fees are unlikely to be addressed by the FCC anytime soon, even though this is a pressing issue. One wonders, then, if the Bells might be subverting the FCC and using the FBI as a means for collecting those unpaid millions.

But, nah. That’s too much of a conspiracy theory. Right?


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