GSMA to G20: Scratch Our Backs, Well Scratch Yours

The Global System Mobile Association (GSMA) is reminding leaders at this week’s G20 summit in London that it can play a significant role in the economic recovery.

In a letter, some of the biggest bosses in the industry – including the CEOs of AT&T, Vodafone and more – pledged $550 billion in global broadband networks. In exchange, they want something in return. They would like governments to “allocate the radio spectrum needed over time to build these new networks, and delivery of a stable, predictable and minimally intrusive regulatory environment.”

In the letter, the GSMA points out how it has not taken any bailout money like so many other industries have. The organization says it’s speaking up “to avert a complete trampling of the industry.” New telecom taxes have been either added or proposed in several countries.

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