CTIA: Truphone Launches Biz VoIP for BlackBerry, Channel Program

International IP provider Truphone has launched Truphone Business for the U.S. market, and a channel partner program to help sell it.

Truphone Business is a BlackBerry application enabling business users to make international phone calls from their devices at wireline rates. It’s invisible to end users, who simply dial an international number as usual, without noticing that the call is being connected by Truphone. Truphone intercepts the call and connects it to the international destination via its global platform, and companies only pay for the local call to Truphone (which is usually included in their wireless package) and the international leg of the call, at wireline rates. The typical savings is 50 percent or more on call charges, the company said.

“Hundreds of thousands of consumers are already enjoying the cost savings on international cell phone calls that Truphone offers,” said Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Truphone. “The launch of Truphone Business … follows demand for a business solution from our existing customer base and provides an extremely compelling solution, particularly in this economic climate. Companies are keen to cut costs but find that an increasingly mobile and global workforce need to make international calls from cell phones as a part of day-to-day business. Truphone solves that problem by providing international calls from cell phones at wireline rates.”

Truphone channel partners can set themselves apart from their competition, sell more BlackBerry devices and at the same time earn managed service revenues, Truphone said. Furthermore, the service requires no investment in equipment, no technical staff or training: The application is pushed to each device via the Blackberry server, with instant activation. Specifically designed for business use, the service also offers centralized monthly billing with itemized and departmental reporting.

The channel program consists of tiered commission plans, a range of sales incentive schemes, co-marketing funds and a wide variety of marketing support materials.

For support it offers sales and marketing training modules, dedicated channel managers to support partners’ sales teams, and secure customer management tools to make all order entries, adds, changes, deactivations and trouble ticketing “seamless and instantaneous,” the company noted.

“The customer proposition for Truphone Business is very simple, providing a great differentiator for BlackBerry resellers,” said John Irvine, director of business services at Truphone. “The solution is therefore easy to sell and can quickly lead to additional recurring revenues from an existing BlackBerry customer base.”

He further added, “Our channel program has been designed to take a highly active role in supporting our partners, ensuring that they can be up and running in no time at all, and focusing on what they do best – selling.”

Truphone Business is already available in the United Kingdom.

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