WDA Helps Dealers Get a Cut on Mobile Content

Wireless Developer Agency (WDA) is using its brokering experience and carrier relationships to help wireless dealers and retailers make money on mobile content.

WDA is a gateway through which content provider and carriers are connected, so that subscribers can download content, such as ringtones and games, to their mobile devices.

Presently, retailers and dealers are outside that ecosystem and associated revenue streams, but WDA is going to change that.

Under a consumer model, customers have access to unlimited content of certain types for a flat rate per month through a dealer-branded WDA portal. The retailer takes his cut of 30 percent.

On the enterprise side, WDA is helping wireless dealers get into software license sales by providing a tool that allows for multiple license distribution and deployment, simultaneously. That will be available in October 2009.

WDA estimates dealers can drive between $30 to $100 per user per month in licensing revenue from business customers.

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