iland Taps AboveNet to Connect Data Centers

iland Internet Solutions Corp. announced Tuesday it has selected AboveNet Communications Inc. as one of its top two tier 1 IP providers to connect the iland Virtual Data Centers, located in Los Angeles; Boston; Reston, Va.; and Dallas.

The additional 4gbps IP network connectivity for each of iland’s Virtual Data Centers provide iland and its customers with further redundancy, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

AboveNet also will deliver a bundled, managed solution to iland within all four of its virtual data center markets, helping to reduce iland’s network operating costs while enabling fast and scalable deployments.

iland offers colocation and a hybrid of virtual and physical data center services in each one of its geographically diverse and redundant iland Virtual Data Centers. Each SaS 70 facility provides options for traditional colocation, including cabinets and cages, and options for virtual hosting solutions, including VMware Cloud Services.

“AboveNet remains committed to meeting iland’s mission-critical data transport requirements,” said MaryBeth Nance, executive director of business development & marketing at AboveNet. “We provide reliability and scalability to meet iland’s highest requirements for data center connectivity, IT virtualization, and consolidation and optimization services.”

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