AT&T Focuses on Messaging with 6 New Handsets

Text messaging and e-mail are still the killer apps for mobile phone data use, says AT&T Inc.. Accordingly, the carrier has rolled out six new handsets made for “integrated messaging.”

In the smartphone category, AT&T debuted the Nokia E71x and the Samsung Propel Pro. “Quick-messaging” offerings include the Samsung Impression and the low-cost Samsung Magnet, along with the LG Xenon and LG Neon.

The launch expands the number of full-keyboard mobile phones in AT&T’s lineup to seven.

“Smartphones and quick messaging phones are no longer for early-adopters and text-happy teens,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, in a statement. “The ability to text often, or check your e-mail from a phone is easy and more customers demand these features. These phones are a great addition to our best-in-class lineup and we can’t wait to get them in our customers’ hands in the coming weeks.”

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