U4EA, Vidtel Team for SMB Video Calling Service

U4EA Technologies announced it will partner with Vidtel to deliver video communication services to SMBs. By combining U4EA’s Fusion series multiservice business gateways (MSBG) with Vidtel’s new desktop video calling and conferencing services, video call quality is ensured and WAN bandwidth is fully utilized, the companies said.

The Fusion Series MSBGs combine multiple functions – including that of a router, switch, firewall/NAT, IPSec/VPN, IDS, session controller, bandwidth manager, VoIP Gateway, QoS and management – into one device for the delivery of unified voice, data and video communications.

U4EA’s MSBG adds value to the Vidtel services by guaranteeing video quality through traffic prioritization; guaranteeing quality in BYOB (Bring Your Own Broadband) scenarios; ensuring that new calls are set up only when there is sufficient bandwidth available, thereby protecting ongoing calls through U4EA’s Video Call Admission Control (CAC); and ease of use, with intuitive Wizards for simplifying tasks such as initial setup, QoS configuration and VPN assignment.

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