my1voice Adds Features to Virtual PBX Phone Service

my1voice, a virtual PBX phone service designed for home offices and small businesses, has announced several enhancements in an effort to increase user convenience, professionalism and efficiency. Users now can benefit from features including conference calling, caller ID tagging, request routing, caller ID routing, and find me-follow me dialing.

The new conference calling feature allows my1voice users the ability to add additional parties to a my1voice call that is already in progress. Users can bring in resources as needed, rather than having several people sitting through the entire call when only parts of it pertain to them.

To distinguish my1voice calls from direct phone calls, users can apply caller ID tagging and add a “tag” to the ID, allowing the my1voice user to answer appropriately – by company name for business calls or a casual manner for personal calls.

The request routing feature offers a variety of options that help improve customer service by asking callers to enter numbers or letters on their phones’ keypads. For example, callers may be asked to enter their ZIP code or area code so calls can be routed to an extension in that geographical area or the person with knowledge of a particular area. Callers who need information but don’t need to speak with anyone can be directed to a pre-recorded message.

The caller ID routing feature allows organizations to manipulate caller ID with rules that can be set to exactly match the caller ID, or just part of the ID. Before a call is answered by the auto attendant greeting, it can be routed directly to an extension, mailbox, informational message or can even be rejected – all based on the incoming caller ID.

The find me-follow me dialing-to-an-extension feature allows my1voice users to extend their calls to any type of phone, including one that is serviced through another PBX system.

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