Covad Wireless Gets a New Fiber Backbone

Covad Wireless has completed its deployment of a new high-capacity fiber backbone in its Southern California and San Francisco Bay Area markets.

The idea is to supercharge high performance by providing a shorter and quicker path to the Internet. It also increases reliability by providing redundant network paths; if a network router or circuit fails, the network intelligently routes customer traffic through multiple other paths to its final destination.

“Covad Wireless is serious about building and maintaining a high-performance, business-class network that offers the bandwidth and reliability our customers demand,” said Lee Gopadze, general manager at Covad Wireless. “Many of our customers rely on Internet-based applications and services to perform essential businesses functions. We are regularly selling 10mbps to 20mbps connections to companies that have decided they can no longer survive on one or two T1 connections. With network upgrades such as our new OC12 fiber circuits in California, we can provide that kind of bandwidth at prices that are extremely competitive in today’s market.”

Covad said the improvements were necessary as it continues to upgrade and expand its WiMAX and business Ethernet service platforms. Covad Wireless, a subsidiary of Covad Communications Co., operates California’s largest broadband fixed wireless network to serve businesses. Its solutions range from DSL and T1 replacement to mid-band Ethernet and high-capacity service with data speeds up to 45mbps.


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