BlackBerry Niagara: So Awesome

Forget the BlackBerry Storm. The next big thing from Research in Motion Ltd. is coming to Verizon Wireless in or around May: the BlackBerry Niagara. And according to those that have seen it, it should live up to its name as a veritable waterfall of ideal features.

According to reports, the 3G Niagara will build on the BlackBerry Curve, but will be bigger. It also will sport a QWERTY keyboard, GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Boy Genius raves that the keyboard is the best BlackBerry keyboard ever, and has the best screen and size/feel. Ever.

According to an analyst familiar with the situation, the device will debut in the same general timeframe as the much-anticipated Palm Pre from Sprint-Nextel Corp. and the iPhone 3.0 software update over at AT&T Inc., so the sparks are sure to fly on the competitive front.

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