Nacchio Worms Out of Going to Prison Next Week

The Joe Nacchio soap opera continues. In a script that reads like a daytime serial, the ex-CEO of Qwest Communications International Inc.(Q) has wormed his way out of reporting to prison on Monday.

Nacchio has been trying for weeks to find a stay-out-of-jail free card – yesterday’s claim of potential skin cancer was the latest in a string of desperate maneuvers. Now, adding to the drama, a federal judge in Denver has allowed Nacchio to remain free until she can review his to-be-filed petition for review at the Supreme Court. He’s supposed to serve six years in a minimum-security prison.

Nacchio and his attorney are so good at this they really ought to have a soap opera or reality show of their very own. The royalties could go to the shareholders Nacchio defrauded in an insider trading scheme.


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