Joe Nacchio Says He Has Cancer, Needs to Delay Prison

Joe Nacchio says he has skin cancer.

But for this sudden revelation to be made just days before the disgraced former Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q) CEO heads for the klink looks, well, hinky. That’s especially the case when considering all the stops Nacchio’s lawyer has pulled out since her client was told two weeks ago week he’s really and truly prison-bound – Maureen Mahoney has been working around the clock to find ways to delay Nacchio’s impending stay in the pokey.

Now she’s asking for two weeks’ reprieve so Nacchio can have surgery on a supposedly suspicious growth on his leg. We have to say, the timing of the request is more suspicious than the alleged growth. (And if Nacchio gets that two weeks, it seems safe to say Mahoney will keep earning that sky-high lawyer’s fee in finding new tactics for keeping Nacchio out of FCI Schuykill, a luxury, minimum-security prison in Pennsylvania.)

To be fair, newly unsealed court documents show that Nacchio recently has been treated for skin cancer. But given FCI Schuykill’s status as an easy place to pay one’s debt to society, we have to agree with government prosecutors that the facility offers sufficient medical care for suspicious growths.

One last thought. If (note that we said if) Nacchio is using cancer as an excuse to avoid reporting to prison next Monday, then that is a huge insult to anyone who has ever had to deal with the disease. There is a special place in you-know-where for someone who uses others’ painful experiences to further a selfish agenda.

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