iPhone 3.0: Apple Adds VoIP APIs

Apple Inc. gave a preview of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software upgrade – no new hardware, people – on Tuesday. The takeaway? The new version provides little additional excitement but does, however, give developers more to work with, including native VoIP support.

Flash support is still missing, but the new version of the OS will offer the ability to copy and paste between applications, as expected. The new version also offers a grab bag of little fun things, like shake-to-shuffle for music, auto-fill capability, push notifications from applications, iTunes and YouTube account creation, more language support, Wi-Fi auto log-in and so on. Also, iPhone 3.0 will have Bluetooth discovery of nearby devices, which could enable some interesting contextual applications.

Perhaps the biggest news is the more than 1,000 new APIs available to developers, including VoIP APIs native to the OS – which will make it much easier to integrate voice into data applications and widgets. Developers can also sell additional content directly from an app thanks to the new version, though it remains to be seen if users will like being pitched on things from within, say, a game.

Meanwhile, when asked about tethering the iPhone to the laptop for use as a modem, executives said the client “absolutely” supports it, though it’s up to the carrier whether to allow it.

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