Proxim Targets Stimulus Funds with WiMAX

With $7.2 billion dollars of stimulus grants allocated to the extension of broadband throughout America, there are a lot of parties interested in snagging a piece of it. Wireless broadband vendor Proxim Wireless would like to help them do that with a new product for providers looking to extend rural and competitive broadband .

The unlicensed WiMAX subscriber unit is sold in bundled packs of 20 for $5,000 per bundle. “Wireless broadband technologies are positioned to make the best use of those funds because they usually cost 10 times less than comparable wired technologies,” said a spokesperson in an e-mail. “This means that — by utilizing broadband wireless technologies like Proxim’s — ISPs, carriers, government organizations and more can provide broadband access to 10 times more people by utilizing wireless technology over wired. And with this new product bundle, Proxim is reducing the cost of extending broadband even more, making it the ideal stimulus-ready product bundle.”

The vendor also said that it’s working with international channel partners to tap other countries’ national recovery plans, like those in Germany and the United Kingdom. The fact the product uses unlicensed spectrum eliminates the need to secure costly spectrum swaths.


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