Video for SMBs Goes Beyond the Meeting

It used to be that video was a niche play, found in the homes of those with Web cams and the offices of those with leased lines (read: appropriate bandwidth). But video has come a long way, and is now fitting into more scenarios as it marches toward mainstream status.

“Video fills a communication gap,” said Victor von Schlegell, president of Appia Communications. “The past several years have seen an explosion in methods of communicating. When I started in business, all you had was a phone and a fax machine. Today, there’s e-mail, chat and more. But these are all impersonal forms of communication, which do not allow either participant to see the other and truly interact. Video fills in this gap very nicely. It’s the next best thing to being there.”

According to von Schlegell, SMBS are starting to bee the benefits of video – a fact that could drive video to become just one more mainstream form of communications. It’s helped along by the fact that broadcast video – as opposed to two-way conferencing – uses far less bandwidth, as we know from YouTube. Thus, there are “boundless possibilities” for schools, corporate trainers, public safety organizations and others struggling with the high costs and time demands of travel, he said.

“Video communication combines voice, data, and video in a live, interactive session,” explained von Schlegell. “It might be a video conference, in which some or all of the participants can be seen and heard by each other. It could also be a broadcast, in which only the host needs to be seen and heard, such as in a distance learning session.”

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