Tallying Number of Nortel Workers Left in Canada, U.S.

So how many employees are left at Nortel Networks Corp. (NT) in North America? Canadian Business writer Andrew Wahl found out and the stats aren’t pretty.

That’s especially true when you consider that Nortel – in the midst of bankruptcy reorganization – recently announced 5,000 layoffs, many of which have yet to take effect.

According to Canadian Business after a fact-check with Nortel, the numbers are as follows:

  • 5,639 in Canada overall
  • 3,844 in Ottawa
  • 8,882 in the United States
  • 14,521 in North America total

That includes what a Nortel spokesman called “presence” in 10 cities in Canada. “Presence” presumably means just enough staff at each office to keep operations running.

In 2000, right before the tech bubble burst, Nortel employed approximately 90,000 people worldwide.

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