Ex-Motorola CFO Fired for Being a Whistle-Blower?

A little more than a month after being fired, ex-Motorola Inc. (MOT) CFO Paul Liska is suing the company for “retaliatory discharge” – or, in layman’s terms, for being a whistle-blower.

But the details of Liska’s claim and Motorola’s alleged wrongdoing are limited and probably will never be known to their fullest extent. That’s because an Illinois court has made all of the case’s dockets and court dates off limits to the public.

Liska says he was fired for doing something that would have served the public interest, but no one except Liska and his former employer know exactly what that is.

Liska was with Motorola for less than a year; the troubled handset maker brought him on in 2008 to help restructure the company.

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