Digium, Orderly Software Partner

Companies using Asterisk in the call center now have access to new forms of statistical information thanks to a partnership between Digium Inc. and Orderly Software. The two companies will collaborate on the provisioning of call center services and management applications to the Asterisk community.

Digium is the creator of Asterisk, the open-source voice communications software for managing VoIP calls for businesses and individuals. Orderly Software provides call center solutions, including the freely available call center management and monitoring platform OrderlyStats, featuring a real-time interactive control panel view of the call center for inbound, outbound and queued calls and many historical reports. Orderly Software also offers the OrderlyQ queue optimization system.

“We’ve been using OrderlyStats for some time in our own call center and it has proved itself to our team under real-world conditions. We found OrderlyStats to be among the best real-time management and historical statistics packages we have seen. We are looking forward to working closely with Orderly Software to further enhance their Asterisk offerings,” said Jim Webster, director of technology partnerships, Digium.

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