3FN Starts Hosting Resale Program

Triple Fiber Network or 3FN Inc., a San Jose, Calif.-based Web hosting company, announced a new Web hosting partner program.

Each partner who signs up will get a unique link with his own unique ID, which will be used to assign commission for purchases made by visitors, who followed that link. The Webmaster will continue to commissions from future visitor’s purchases.

The unique link can be used as in GIF banners and interactive widgets with offers written in JavaScript, that are provided in partner program control panel. Also, the unique link will work even when sending it via instant messenger, so the partner does not need to have a Web site to participate in the program.

“The philosophy of our hosting partner program is pretty simple: We value our partners and our main aspiration is to create reciprocally beneficial relations,” said company spokesperson Dean McToner.

He said the company plans updates that will allow webmasters to receive more comprehensive statistics. Presently, it shows visitors, purchases, CTR, daily and total amount of earned money.

The 3FN partner program is fully integrated into 3FN web hosting customer portal. All services – domain registration, shared hosting and dedicated server hosting and reselling partner program – are located in one place.

“That is really convenient for those Webmasters, who use other 3FN services as they can pay for web hosting with money they have earned in the partner program without transferring funds,” said McToner.

The minimum balance amount required to receive earnings $10. For now, three main payment options are available in order to receive partner earnings: WebMoney, ePassporte and wire transfers.

The starting commissions are 25 percent per purchase and 15 percent for all further spending and monthly renewals. Commission rates may be increased for the most active members, the company said in a press statement.


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