Utility Company Certifies Vendors

The Utility Company has announced the launch of the Utility Certified Vendor Program. The program was created to allow Utility to “proactively maintain and support, including general usability, technologies ranging from commonly used products to vertical line of business applications.”

“Utility Certified” means the company has reviewed and tested the product and has the subject matter expertise for the ongoing maintenance and support of that product. The program requires the end-user to keep its software vendor maintenance agreement in order for Utility to have access to the vendor’s Level 2 support. Utility Certified products include commonly used SMB technologies, converging technologies such as VoIP, and vertical applications from a range of industries.

“The Utility Certified Vendor Program is the catalyst in the ‘verticalization’ of our service portfolio in 2009. It addresses a huge void in the SMB market – proactive, remote support for vertical ‘line of business’ applications which are leveraged by the majority of companies,” said Mark Scott, president and founder of The Utility Company. “Upon certification, vendors can also leverage The Utility Company for first-line support to address the majority of issues which are network rather than product-specific problems.”

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