Equity Plan Creators Assemble Agent Advisors

The creators of Agent Equity Plan, TNCI and the Agent Alliance, have assembled a Strategic Operating Council, which consists of agents that are both members and non-members of the Agent Alliance.

Agent Alliance CEO Bill Power said the initiative is consistent with earlier efforts to neutralize the branding for the equity program, which originally was called the TNCI/Alliance Agent Equity Plan. The plan always was open to all agents, not only Agent Alliance members; however, the brand change makes this more clear to the agent community, he said.

The council, which is chartered as a sounding board for the program, met at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this week and will plan to meet periodically by telephone and in person.

Members of the Strategic Operating Council include the following non-Alliance members: Jay Bradley, Intelisys; Bill Mansfield, OnTrack Communications; Corky Webb, Single Point Solutions Inc.; Jeff Cohen, TotalNet; and Doug Turpin, VGE.

Agent Alliance members of the council include Greg Praske, ARG; Richard Murray, Carrier Sales; Ben Humphreys, COMTEL; Paul Silicato, Global Systems Telecom; Ted Schuman, Planet One Communications; and Darryl Heller, Premier Companies.

The Agent Equity program was launched in June 2008. The program enables partners to earn commissions, a windfall at the time of the transaction and evergreen commissions after the sale. Agents are not trading equity for reduced compensation before or after a sale. In addition, there is a timetable for payout to participating agents. It’s not exactly a certain date, but the plan calls for TNCI to be sold in 2011.

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