Report: Radio Shack to Sell Verizon Wireless

In the wake of Circuit City’s demise, Radio Shack may leap into the wireless breach and pick up that lost distribution for Verizon Wireless.

That’s according to a report in, which said sources confirmed that Verizon will be back at the Shack after an almost 4-year hiatus. The Ft. Worth, Texas-based electronics retailer had previously dumped Verizon’s goods from its shelves when it restructured its wireless division.

Radio Shack is already a distributor for AT&T Inc. and Sprint-Nextel Corp.. And even with Circuit City out of the picture it still has to compete with Best Buy, a giant in the field that has made wireless a big strategic part of its recession strategy, promoting unlocked devices, setting up store-within-a-store mobile specialty shops and being the only other retailer outside of Wal-Mart to be able to offer the iPhone.

That said, Radio Shack is the only retailer to offer AT&T’s netbook deal.

Now is the time to strike: By 2013, smartphones will double their share of all cellphones to about 20 percent, reports In-Stat. Global smartphone growth this year will be strong globally, but even stronger in the U.S. market. Strong demand is being driven by device manufacturers leveraging open OS device to re-invent the mobile phone experience, said analyst Frank Dickson.

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