Avistar, DataMart Team for Video UC

Integrator DataMart Inc. will add Avistar Communications Corp.’s desktop videoconferencing to its unified communications portfolio, with the goal of tapping into the travel reduction trend.

Wainhouse Research found in a recent study that one-third of those polled see the use of videoconferencing accelerating given today’s economy, as it reduces the need and cost for travel plus improves collaboration and decision making.

“By using Avistar, customers get a totally different videoconferencing experience,” said Scott St. Clair, president of DataMart. “One that adds incremental and sustainable value for people to make decisions, bring teams together, improve intimacy with clients and make the supply chain significantly shorter.”

Avistar’s C3 desktop videoconferencing bills itself as business-class videoconferencing that provides corporations cost savings, improved productivity and return on investment.

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