TNCIs New Business Bonus Program Lets Agents Customize Commissions

TNCI (Booth 1515) announced that agents will now have the opportunity to structure their New Business Bonus (NBB) program to best suit their business. With the global economic outlook in mind and the increased appeal of commission opportunities that allow agents more cash in hand, TNCI offers agents new ways to tailor their NBB program.

TNCI agents can opt to increase their current NBB percentage by 50 points on all MRC-based products. In addition to this buy-up option, TNCI has also implemented an accelerated initial NBB payment on the same MRC-based products. Moreover, the company has announced a tiered pricing and commission program for its DIA product solution which may be combined with the new increased NBB option.

“TNCI has always been on the forefront of innovation with regard to agent compensation,” said Brian Twomey, TNCI president. “Our relationships with our agents and our understanding of the pressures placed upon their business in this challenging economy were the genesis of what we believe to be creative ways to boost more immediate cash flow for those who desire it.”

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